Self-love & A Happy Life

LOVE Is You They say that once you give yourself valuable worth, you start to live a happy life: That the need for love becomes minimal as love becomes YOU. A Positive Sense Of One's Own Worth Self-esteem – n. Belief in oneself; self-respect. A positive sense of one’s own worth. Webster’s definition, although accurate, leaves out volumes of meaning. Self-esteem means being in touch with your true inner self, honoring your own needs, strengths and beliefs even when they are in opposition to those of the people around you. Self-esteem may be the single most important possession a traveler needs along life’s pathways. It is more important than money or love or even health, because it … [Read more...]

Self-Esteem Starts At An Early Age

Self-esteem and Loving Yourself Self-esteem is loving yourself enough to believe that you can attain a goal. Self-esteem is what's being taught to young girls in a running program, not necessarily for running. "Girls On The Run" is the name of the organization, but this organization aims to build little girls self confidence, to ready themselves in going through adolescence to overcome society's negative image about females. A Curriculum That Instills Self-confidence “You don’t have to be a runner,” said Victoria Wieben, a mother from Marion and a member of Girls On the Run of Eastern Iowa’s Board of Directors. “I think that’s difficult; you get a lot of people who say, ‘Oh, I don’t run… … [Read more...]

Are You Ready To Love Yourself

Do you often hear how important it is to love yourself, and that loving yourself is necessary before you can share your love with others. One thing that often stands in the way of loving yourself is when you constantly seek approval of others. You may choose to follow a certain career path, choose a special someone to be your partner in life, choose to wear a certain type of clothing or drive a certain type of car. And there may be people in your life who do not approve of your choices. Yet, when you continuously seek approval from others to validate your own self worth, you’re simply damaging your relationship with yourself. Not seeking approval of others doesn’t mean that you … [Read more...]