The Supposed Impossible Becomes Possible For Diana Nyad

The open water swimming world is still amazed at the heroic efforts of Diana Nyad, and her historic swim this week from Cuba to Key West, on the coast of Florida. Diana was well prepared - mentally, physically and emotionally as she sought to achieve her dream on her fifth attempt at crossing the jellyfish and shark popular 110 mile stretch of open water. "Remember when they said they couldn't land a man on the moon? Remember when they said no man could run a sub-4 minute mile? Remember when they said no man could climb Mt Everest? Remember when they said no am could swim the English Channel? And again... Until 3rd September ... Remember when they said no one, could swim solo … [Read more...]

Diana Nyad Makes History Completing Dream Swim At 64 Years Of Age

Diana Nyad completes her dream swim from Cuba To Florida on her 5th attempt at 64 years of age. Never give up, says Nyad, and you're never too old to chase your dreams. The open water swimming world is abuzz with the news that Diana Nyad has completed her epic marathon swim from Cuba to Key West on the coast of Florida today. The 64 year old endurance marathon open water swimmer completed the swim, covering 110 miles (approximately 177 kms) in just over 53 hours, and made history as the first person to complete the swim without a shark cage. This was Nyad's fifth attempt to complete the approximately 177-kilometre swim. She tried three times in 2011 and 2012, with her first being … [Read more...]

Is Being Kinder A Life Goal For You?

In a survey carried out with Society's gentlemen in their 80's and 90's; they were asked what they regretted most in their lives... Not one of the gentlemen said "I wish I'd spent more time in the office!" Surprise Surprise... NOT!!!! It's been 42 years since the best-selling New York Times short story author, George Saunders was at school. This year he returned, delivering the convocation speech of Syracuse University 2013 and stated that failures of kindness, was the biggest regret of his life. "What I regret most in my life are failures of kindness. Those moments when another human being was there, in front of me, suffering, and I responded … sensibly. Reservedly. … [Read more...]

Important – Your First Wealth Is Your Health

Woke to the news today of James Gandolfini's death of a heart attack aged 51yrs... Same age as me ...yikes! I'm grateful for my health. I'm grateful for my heart. And all the years of "Bubble Bubble Breathe" up and down that black line that has held me in good stead. Your First Wealth Is Your Health! As you know I love to motivate and inspire people to become their own Champions and help them to achieve goals they never believed were possible. There is one critical ingredient however that we all need to focus on daily for any Champion performance and that is our health! Without good health it is hard to accomplish anything in life and in some cases it is just a … [Read more...]

It Is Time To Be Happy

"I'd say that I think the most revolutionary act that you can commit in our society today is to be happy." - Hunter Doherty "Patch" Adams     . … [Read more...]

Walk Your Talk!

Have you ever felt like a failure?... not able to fulfil commitments, worried about letting others down... Well today I came to the realisation that due to my current health I will be withdrawing from this Sunday's HBF Run for a Reason. As one of the ambassadors for the 2013 event; my role is raising funds for Heart Research as supporter of the Heart Foundation. So as you can imagine I had immense feelings of guilt. However… After a chat with my coach Sherree Rylands Blackley  and… Then turning up the volume of my Inner Winner... hearing her say... "You know the drill Shell-Belle, respect your body and walk your talk".... I know it was the best decision. So ask … [Read more...]

Little Miss Goodie Two Shoes

If there's one thing I learned from my ten year career as Honorary Secretary for the FINA TOWSC (Technical Open Water Swimming Committee) it's that being a good girl isn't good enough. Your inner good girl is thoughtful, always considers others' needs first, works hard at the office and at home, is extremely responsible, and never, ever wants to hurt anyone's feelings. These seem like admirable qualities, but what often happens is that in the process of doing all these "good" things, you too often sacrifice your own needs. You can't say no, you place others' needs higher than our own, and you feel guilty for not doing it all and doing it well. You hide your feelings and let others walk … [Read more...]

10th Anniversary of the Bali Bombings 2002

Today marks the 10th Anniversary of the Bali Bombings 2002. Numbers in their thousands, including the survivors and the family members and friends who lost their loved ones, will attend the 10th anniversary commemorations. [imaioVideo v=1]Though I was not in Bali on that night, it felt as if I was, as news beamed live into our lounge rooms, much like 9/11. I remember vividly watching an Aussie bloke... ordinary as you and I... do something completely EXTRAORDINARY and  like you I was glued to the TV screen like a magnet... as this bloke told us "nah I'm fine mate. There are worse people off than me" after he had selflessly gone back in and out to save lives. And that Aussie bloke … [Read more...]

What’s In Your Refrigerator

I was asked a great question recently which I'd love to share ... "If you could be anything in a refrigerator what would it be and why?" Would you be lettuce because you're the girl who always is trying to wrap things up? Or, maybe right now you're a jar of pickles because things are a bit stressed and tricky to manage. Or maybe you're an egg, who is fragile and afraid of breaking! Me, I'd be prosciutto because I want to live more like the Italians who slow down and savour life. (I'll need to grab the wine out of the fridge as well!) This is a funny question, but one that makes you think and reveal a different part of yourself, which is why I love it. Consider this … [Read more...]

Lady Gaga Tells The Truth About Self Confidence

We often look at those people in the media and think their life is grand - they have everything they could ever want. A well known celebrity, Lady Gaga has often had to fight with her own demons regarding self-esteem, self confidence and ultimately, self-acceptance. So yes, issues with loving the skin you are in can happen to any of us. The following article is posted on AOL Music Blog Lady Gaga has always been vocal about her longtime struggles with self-esteem when it comes to her weight. From sparking outrage whilst declaring "pop stars don't eat," to confessing her past struggles with bulimia and writing about her "massive" body image issues, Mother Monster has not always lived … [Read more...]