About Us

Motivational Keynote Speaker, Success & Performance Coach, International Bestselling Author and Champion Mindset® Business Trainer, Shelley Taylor-Smith is an ordinary Australian who achieved extraordinary results. Yet Shelley is not just an extraordinary swimmer, she is a successful businesswoman who now shares the achievements of her Champion Mindset® by empowering others to win.
Shelley shows you how-to Create Your Champion Mindset® and loves to both motivate and inspire others to see the very best in themselves - in other words, to Love The Skin UR In. If that means loving the wobbly bits, or the lines, or your size - regardless of what is on the outside - to simply love yourself for who you are.
A message from Shelley:

My commitment is to empower people to believe and become Champions of their own world. Your success is your SELF BELIEF. Ask any one who has achieved any thing – big or small – and they will … More About our Company »