How to Love the Skin You’re In!

I am still gutted by the tragic death of Australia's youngest female to suicide at 13yrs young on 25th April in New South Wales. And with rumours circulating that bullying by fellow teenage girls at the "all girls high school" played a major part... I felt compelled to source role models for all women of all ages... To encourage us to support each other and our unique differences. How can we develop to find our inner strength and learn to be comfortable within ourselves and love ourselves in return? Alanis Morissette show's us what it is to love ourselves! She's an inspiration and role model for all women. Follow her lead and love yourself fully today :lol: [Read the full … [Read more...]

When Does Size Really Matter?

As many women (and a fair number of men) attempt to handle careers and life, there are times when size really does matter. Often first glances at a person can decide that someone is too tall, too short, too fat, too skinny, has small breasts, legs that are too short .... and these initial reactions are unfortunately not fair. In an article published in the Weekend Australian Magazine, Tim Teeman from The Australian tells the story of Robysn Lawley, who as a size 16 (US) and 12 (Australia) has experienced the highs and lows of how body size really does matter. SHE is a 188cm-tall model often described as "Amazonian". As compliments go, it's a misleading one. True, she is stunning: … [Read more...]

The Body Image Struggle

Do you suffer from The Body Image Struggle? It's a common fact that we, as humans, always find something that we're not happy with when it comes to our feelings about our bodies. We see flaws or features that can really hurt our self-love, but more often than not, these so-called 'flaws' are what makes us the perfect individual that we are. You may identify or have 'some bells ringing' as you read about a woman in Melbourne, Australia - a writer, speaker and broadcaster who shares the pain of living this constant body image struggle. Following is Clementine Ford's story as published on "The Lifetime Struggle To Accept My Body" I’ve struggled with body issues … [Read more...]