How to Love the Skin You’re In!

I am still gutted by the tragic death of Australia's youngest female to suicide at 13yrs young on 25th April in New South Wales. And with rumours circulating that bullying by fellow teenage girls at the "all girls high school" played a major part... I felt compelled to source role models for all women of all ages... To encourage us to support each other and our unique differences. How can we develop to find our inner strength and learn to be comfortable within ourselves and love ourselves in return? Alanis Morissette show's us what it is to love ourselves! She's an inspiration and role model for all women. Follow her lead and love yourself fully today :lol: [Read the full … [Read more...]

Is Self-Esteem A Path To Success?

It is the opinion of many, that through research, more and more students think they are something special. High self-esteem is considered to be a good thing, but will too much of it be still good to be a success? Does Confidence Breed Success? About nine million young people have filled out the American Freshman Survey, since it began in 1966. It asks students to rate how they measure up to their peers in a number of basic skills areas - and over the past four decades, there has been a dramatic rise in the number of students who describe themselves as being "above average" for academic ability, drive to achieve, mathematical ability and self-confidence. This was revealed in a new … [Read more...]

Love Yourself Before You Love Someone Else

Seeing Things In A Clearer Perspective You love yourself enough to know what makes you happy, to know you respect yourself enough to know you deserve a certain kind of love. It's always nice to watch movies and animations about love and all it's greatness. It is a recreational moment that allows us to hope, to inspire for love and all it reigns. However, in real life, there is no such thing as perfect. We need to see things the way they are. The good and the bad and how it affects you.     Keith: Love yourself before your significant other - University Daily Kansan Keith: Love yourself before your significant otherUniversity Daily KansanSince … [Read more...]

Self-love & A Happy Life

LOVE Is You They say that once you give yourself valuable worth, you start to live a happy life: That the need for love becomes minimal as love becomes YOU. A Positive Sense Of One's Own Worth Self-esteem – n. Belief in oneself; self-respect. A positive sense of one’s own worth. Webster’s definition, although accurate, leaves out volumes of meaning. Self-esteem means being in touch with your true inner self, honoring your own needs, strengths and beliefs even when they are in opposition to those of the people around you. Self-esteem may be the single most important possession a traveler needs along life’s pathways. It is more important than money or love or even health, because it … [Read more...]

Self-Esteem Starts At An Early Age

Self-esteem and Loving Yourself Self-esteem is loving yourself enough to believe that you can attain a goal. Self-esteem is what's being taught to young girls in a running program, not necessarily for running. "Girls On The Run" is the name of the organization, but this organization aims to build little girls self confidence, to ready themselves in going through adolescence to overcome society's negative image about females. A Curriculum That Instills Self-confidence “You don’t have to be a runner,” said Victoria Wieben, a mother from Marion and a member of Girls On the Run of Eastern Iowa’s Board of Directors. “I think that’s difficult; you get a lot of people who say, ‘Oh, I don’t run… … [Read more...]

The Body Image Struggle

Do you suffer from The Body Image Struggle? It's a common fact that we, as humans, always find something that we're not happy with when it comes to our feelings about our bodies. We see flaws or features that can really hurt our self-love, but more often than not, these so-called 'flaws' are what makes us the perfect individual that we are. You may identify or have 'some bells ringing' as you read about a woman in Melbourne, Australia - a writer, speaker and broadcaster who shares the pain of living this constant body image struggle. Following is Clementine Ford's story as published on "The Lifetime Struggle To Accept My Body" I’ve struggled with body issues … [Read more...]