The Bounce Back Factor – Do you have it?

I do surprise myself sometimes when I bounce back from setbacks. How ‘bout you? Do you surprise yourself when you find the strength to soldier on? I've had to dig deep lately as things haven't been smooth sailing. Mental toughness is my greatest asset. I do know that. However when I’m in the thick of it, fighting an uphill battle or feeling like I’m drowning… I don’t consciously stop and think “Toughen up Shells!"  "You’ve got this!” or “Think positive now Champ!” We all have critical points in our lives where our mental toughness is tested. You know #whentheshithitsthefan. It might be a toxic friend, being made redundant, or a struggling relationship. It’s hard to be … [Read more...]

How to Love the Skin You’re In!

I am still gutted by the tragic death of Australia's youngest female to suicide at 13yrs young on 25th April in New South Wales. And with rumours circulating that bullying by fellow teenage girls at the "all girls high school" played a major part... I felt compelled to source role models for all women of all ages... To encourage us to support each other and our unique differences. How can we develop to find our inner strength and learn to be comfortable within ourselves and love ourselves in return? Alanis Morissette show's us what it is to love ourselves! She's an inspiration and role model for all women. Follow her lead and love yourself fully today :lol: [Read the full … [Read more...]